Dutch online course for beginners

Basic training course in Dutch as a foreign language
  • Conduct simple conversations in Dutch
  • Learn the basics of the Dutch language
  • Gain more insight into Dutch culture
  • Geared towards expats in the Netherlands
  • Online: virtual classroom en e-learning
  • Start 8 september 2020 (10 weeks)

Taaltraining plus Dutch online course for beginners

Just like communication style, the way we work together can differ considerably per country. Those coming to the Netherlands to work as expats will certainly recognise this. To ensure smooth cooperation between employees from different backgrounds, we offer a trio of culture training courses.

Effective cooperation thanks to language and culture training

A Dutch language course combines very well with a tailor-made expat training course.

This training helps expats deal with the challenges of living and working abroad. Participants are made aware of their own cultural background and gain insight into Dutch (work) culture, communication style and customs.

This reduces the culture shock and prepares participants for possible cultural differences between themselves and their new colleagues.

Want to talk it through first?

Want to have more information about our culture training courses, or discuss which course would suit you best? We are happy to help! You can reach us on 088 0288070 or email us at info@interlingua.nl.



taal- en cultuurtrainer voor zakelijk succes
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