Dutch for beginners

Basic Dutch course for non-native speakers
  • Carry on simple conversations in Dutch
  • Know important basic terminology of the Dutch language
  • Obtain more insight in the Dutch culture


Every year, thousands of expatriates come to the Netherlands for a shorter or longer time to live and work. As many of them are unfamiliar with the Dutch language, they subsequently use English as the most common form of communication. This is not a result of unwillingness, on the part of the expatriate, to learn the Dutch language. On the contrary, it is stimulated by the ease with which the Dutch easily and quickly speak English, sometimes even without being asked.

In spite of this, many expatriates experience their inability to speak Dutch as a handicap. It makes it much more difficult for them to integrate with the community in which they live than for expatriates who are already able to speak Dutch. After completing this course, they will be able to participate in Dutch conversations about well known topics and they will have obtained a better insight into the Dutch culture.

Target group

This course is intended for employees within your organisation who do not speak Dutch and wish to acquaint themselves with the basics of the Dutch language. Moreover, this course is an excellent start for those expatriates wishing to attend a follow-up course aimed at mastering the fine points of Dutch culture.


On completion of this course, the students will be able to: introduce themselves and others, greet people and say goodbye, talk about themselves, discuss the weather, present a proposal, use the negative,  express their preferences and order something in a restaurant or other location. They will be able to carry on an elementary, straightforward conversation about familiar topics. They will have more insight into Dutch culture and be able to do all of these things in accordance with customary manners and etiquette.


taal- en cultuurtrainer voor zakelijk succes