Dutch for the advanced

Communicate fluently in Dutch
  • Expand your business vocabulary
  • Communicate with more fluency and more confidence
  • Maintain your Dutch business contacts with more ease
  • Write e-mails and letters efficiently and correctly
  • For expats living in the Netherlands
  • Individually or in a group with colleagues
  • Incompany or on one of our locations

Taaltraining Dutch for the advanced

This training is aimed at expats living in the Netherlands, who have completed a Dutch course in the past an/or acquired a great deal of valuable experience from using Dutch in practice.

Do you wish to communicate more fluently and efficiently with you colleagues and business partners? After completing this course, you will be able to participate in Dutch conversations more fluently and with greater self-confidence about general as well as business topics. Your knowledge and use of relevant business vocabulary will have expanded. You will have obtained a better insight into the proper use of words and sentence structures.

Content of the course

For over 45 years we’ve been helping our clients work and do business in an international environment. We specialise in customised trainings, so you’ll learn what is relevant to your specific situation. Our courses are geared to your level, goals and field of work.

During this course, the following business related topics may be addressed:

  • Having telephone conversations;
  • Meetings / negotiations
  • Giving presentations
  • Writing e-mails and (formal) letters

More than a language institute

To further assist expats in the Netherlands with their integration, we also devote attention to Dutch (work) culture, in conjunction with our partner Akteos. Having some insight into someone’s cultural background is necessary in order to fully understand them. Look at the possibilities in Language training Plus.


taal- en cultuurtrainer voor zakelijk succes
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