Dutch for the advanced

Communicate fluently in Dutch
  • Expand your business vocabulary
  • Communicate with more fluency and more confidence
  • Maintain your Dutch business contacts with more ease
  • Write e-mails and letters efficiently and correctly


You have a secondary school degree or higher education and you work in the Netherlands in a business environment. You wish to apply your Dutch efficiently at work and not lose any time searching for words. This course offers you the opportunity to practise Dutch in situations taken directly from your daily work. While training, you will receive assistance from an experienced trainer who will provide you with relevant feedback. You will practise with different forms of conversation with colleagues, management and clients in various situations and you will refresh your knowledge of the Dutch grammar. After completing this course, you will be able to participate in Dutch conversations more fluently and with greater self-confidence about general as well as business topics. Your knowledge and use of relevant business vocabulary will have expanded. You will have obtained a better insight into the proper use of words and sentence structures.

Target group

Non-native employees who wish to communicate more fluently and efficiently with various business partners. They have completed a Dutch course in the past and acquired a great deal of valuable experience from using Dutch in practice.


During this course, the following business related topics may be addressed:

  • (Business) Culture;
  • Telephone conversations;
  • Presentations;
  • Meetings;
  • Negotiations.

taal- en cultuurtrainer voor zakelijk succes