Roy Editor-in-chief van IATEFL BESIG

img_6442_royRoy is trainer Business English bij Interlingua. Hij is zeer actief betrokken bij BESIG, de special interest group voor Business English professionals, dat onderdeel uitmaakt van een van de grootste wereldwijde netwerken van trainers en docenten Engels, IATEFL. Roy spreekt regelmatig op de congressen van BESIG en heeft als editor-in-chief meegewerkt aan diverse online publicaties, waaronder dit nieuwe E-book; PCS, een verslag van het BESIG congres in Praag in 2013.

What is this E-book about?

“BESIG is the largest special interest group worldwide for Business English professionals. Prague Conference Selections or PCS is a collection of articles based on presentations given by international Business English educators at the annual conference organized by this special interest group.”

Tell us something about the topics in the E-book.

“You will not only find articles on financial English or legal English: topics are also discussed subvich as using improvisation to improve real business performance, using mobile technology to learn better, impression management or new ways to improve interpersonal skills for the workspace, and the language of female (corporate) leadership.”

Roy: “The sheer diversity of what is on offer in PCS reflects how quickly the world of Business English is developing in our connected world of the 21st century. Just a quick browse will allow you to judge what our benchmark is as Business English professionals and how we seek to educate and develop our clients in different parts of the world.”

E-book PCS Roy BicknellWhat was the biggest challenge in developing this E-book?

“The challenges were considerable: nothing like this had ever been done before within the field of Business English and even though we were experienced editors, we were new to the world of digital publishing. The incredible thing, looking back on this, is that our team have never been together in one room. Everything was created through long Skype sessions, Google drive and Dropbox. Sounds like a real global business, right?”

Wilt u meer weten over dit E-book? Bekijk of koop het E-book hier.


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