Taaltest Engels voor HRM

Met behulp van deze taaltest kunt u geheel vrijblijvend uw taalniveau testen. U krijgt hiermee een goede eerste indicatie van uw taalkennis! De test bestaat uit 15 meerkeuze vragen en neemt hooguit een paar minuten in beslag. U start de taaltest door op de startbutton te klikken.

Succes met het beantwoorden van de vragen.

Vraag 1: You are outlining employment conditions to a new employee. Choose the correct statement:

Vraag 2: You’d like to know about the candidate’s employment history. Choose the correct statement.

Vraag 3: A new manager asks how long you have worked for the company. You reply:

Vraag 4: Which combinations complete the sentence: If they ... wearing safety helmets, they ... injured.

Vraag 5: Which sentence is correct?

Vraag 6: You meet a counterpart at an HRM conference who says ‘How are you doing? You respond:

Vraag 7: You would like to introduce a new colleague. What do you say?

Vraag 8: You need to make an appointment to meet conflicting parties. Which sentence is appropriate?

Vraag 9: You would like performance appraisals to be completed by June. Which instruction is appropriate?

Vraag 10: You wish to assist an overloaded colleague. What do you say?

Vraag 11: You send an employment contract to Ms Johansson. How do you end the letter?

Vraag 12: Choose the correct opening to your letter:

Vraag 13: Complete the sentence. An employee claims travel expenses. Do you ... him?

Vraag 14: All new staff are entitled to an orientation session or course. This is called an ... course.

Vraag 15: How do you introduce yourself when visiting a new client for the first time?

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